General questions

I will have my PhD degree soon after the call deadline. Am I eligible for C2W?

If you do not hold your PhD Degree before the call deadline, you are still eligible for the call as long as you have at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience.

Researchers without a doctorate at the call deadline must clearly explain how the full-time equivalent research experience* is calculated. A table is added in the CV template.

* Research Experience is a period of activity in research proven by e.g. a work contract, a scholarship, a study certificate. Full-Time Equivalent Research Experience is measured from the date when a researcher obtained the degree entitling him/her to embark on a doctorate (either in the country in which the degree was obtained or in the country in which the researcher is recruited).

What is the duration of the fellowship?

Each fellowship will be granted for 2 years.

If I am selected for the C2W fellowship, when can I possibly start my research project at UMONS/UNamur?

Your research project, if selected, will start between September and November 2024 (3rdcall).

Is there an age limit for researchers who wish to apply to the programme?

No. C2W programme is accessible to researchers of all ages.

Is there any possibilities of secondment in C2W?

Yes. Secondment are part of the research project and should add an intersectoral and/or interdisciplinary dimension. They may be undertaken to academic and non-academic partners.

Applicants must include a Letter of Support from their secondment host. The organisation of secondment must be described in detail. There is no geographical restrictions.

Will the living allowance include social security, and other benefits?

Yes, living allowance includes social security. The fellowship contract is fully subjected and party to the provisions of the Belgian social security system. The social security regime covers: health insurance, maternity leave, sick pay in case of hospitalisation, disability insurance, national pension system (depending on the nationality), national unemployment system (depending on the nationality), insurance against workplace Accidents, family benefits, and provisions towards occupational diseases.


Which research topics are supported under the programme?

Proposals from all areas of scientific and technological research are accepted.

Which language do I have to use in my application file and, if successful, during my fellowship?

C2W is a European programme dedicated to international researchers. That’s why the general communication is in English. Your application file must be submitted in English, as it will be evaluated by international experts. For the communication with the C2W management team, privileged language will be English.

UMONS and UNamur are French-speaking university, but due to its international dimension, most of the research centres are used to communicate in English. Ask your supervisor which language could facilitate your integration in the research team.

Furthermore, as C2W fellows, you will benefit from the career development programme which includes languages courses adapted to your needs.

Can I submit multiple applications to C2W?

No, each candidate can apply with only one research project.

Do I have to translate my diplomas in French? Do you require certified translations?

You can submit your official documents (PhD Degree, certificates, etc.) in any languages of the European Union. There is no need to translate them. For non-EU languages, please provide a certified translation.

Can I re-apply to the following calls if I have already applied to the first call?

Yes, if you apply to the first or 2nd call, you can still apply to the 3rd call as long as you still meet all the eligibility criteria.

I would like to enclose a reference letter to my application file. Does C2W require reference letters?

No reference letter is required for the application file. However, you must include a letter of acceptance from a supervisor and co-supervisor at UMONS/UNamur who should be identified before you apply to C2W.

If the candidate applies in parallel for the F.R.S.-FNRS, is it an exclusion criterion?

No. The candidate who satisfy the conditions of the F.R.S.-FNRS are strongly encouraged to apply in parallel.


Will there be an interview of the candidates?

Yes, there will be a remote interview. The 5 stages of the evaluation are:

  1. Eligibility check
  2. Remote experts evaluation
  3. Ethical check
  4. Remote interview
  5. Panel review

Will the evaluators take into account the level of experience of the applicants?

The experts will evaluate the proposal based on an evaluation sheet. Three main aspects will be considered: excellence, impact and implementation.

How are the external experts chosen?

External experts are chosen by using existing databases of experts (FNRS, UNamur, UMONS, previous calls, Région wallonne etc.).

The selection of the experts is based on the following criteria:

  • The external expert has an active publication track-record in the specific field with several peer reviewed publications and citations per publication (excluding self-citations) during the last ten years.
  • The external experts have to confirm that they (i) never co-published with the candidate (ii) did not co-publish neither with the candidate’s PhD advisor nor with the local host at UNamur/UMONS in the five years prior to the evaluation process.

Is there a reserve list?

Yes, there is a reserve list.

Applicants above threshold of the combined final ranked lists will be placed on the reserve list for each panel. They will be informed thereof and of following procedures. They will be offered a fellowship in case an applicant on the Main list decides not to accept the fellowship. There will be one Reserve List per panel per call, which will be kept until 6 months after the funding decision for that call.


Can a candidate have one supervisor in UMONS and a co-Pi in UNamur?

Yes, you may have 2 supervisors from different universities (for call 3, the main supervisor must be from UMONS, Co-PI could be from UNamur). Both supervisors must sign the letter of support.

Can a supervisor have more than one candidate?

Yes. But the candidates must have different research projects.

What are the criteria to supervise a C2W application?

To supervise an application, you must be a permanent scientific or academic at UMONS or UNamur.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska Curie grant agreement No 101034383

Caroline Vliegen

C2W Project Manager

Place du Parc, 22 |7000 Mons |Belgium